Venus Retrograde ~ Her Desert Walk

An Inner Pilgrimage into the Heart of Her own Underworld.  To reclaim Herself; her lost parts.  And return what does not belong to Her.

Venus Retrograde - is a time when The Past beckons us back to see with different eyes where we have been and what we have done.  And with whom we have danced around ourselves in dizzying circles leaving bits and pieces strewn about on the dance floor of Hearts and Souls ~ left as evidence of our existence. 

This is what we humans do.  We leave a trail; proof that we have come through this way. 

We cast a shadow and as if it was like a paint blotch on the canvas of life - it leaves a mark. Detectable and palpable by others on the path, sometimes like a stain or a scar. 

All things have an energetic frequency that reaches out into the fabric of our existence affecting it all. Our thoughts, emotions, movements, words, stuff.  In each breath, we contribute. Like the distinctly different vibrations of Colors that radiate their frequencies upon us and through us; we are influenced by the Light in all its shades. 

It is said that in the color Black all colors are found. 

When we go into the Underworld it is like we are seeing colorblind.  It is a place where all colors are blotted out into darkness.  But it is there in that darkness that one can begin to feel the purity of all the Light.  Like walking in the dark night our senses begin to heighten and our eyes adjust and begin to become like The Owl and we can see. In the dark, we are given the opportunity to shape-shift.  To become even more like an animal; instinctual, perceptive, innocent. 

There are those that live life even in the light of day finely attuned with the powers of the Darkness and see shadows everywhere revealing what is hidden beneath the light of so many colors.  This is the realm of Persephone; Queen of the Underworld and the shadow side of Venus/Queen Aphrodite - and She is who and what is now powerfully guiding us.  She who walks like a dark angel glowing a golden light through the fog. 

When I say “powers of the darkness” I do not mean “dark powers” - of evil.  What I'm talking about is the ability to wield power in the darkest regions of the heart and soul.  To go into the darkness fully whole in one's own light and go through the dark in all it gives and takes, and come out intact haven given back something too in return. She or He is one who remains unwavering in the core of one's own center through the dark; the Light within like a compass leading the way through.  What's given is the light of the truth of the love existing in the core of oneself, and this is the greatest mark left.

This is the School Venus Retrograde now ushers in.

In Venus Retrograde we are being asked to look at what impressions of ourselves have we left behind?  What was the mark that we left upon our past and the relationships that were a part of it? And what impressions from others are we carrying?  What does this say about who we are and who we would like to be?

I like to look at Life and our own lives and bodies like a canvas.  We show up marked and colored by life and the people who have left a mark upon us.  Some leave roses and others blood stains.  Each a very different mark upon the heart and soul to carry forth. 

As Venus goes down into her descent on a pilgrimage through her Soul and the Valley of Souls, she will show us like Art Pieces the marks that have been made upon the canvas of ourselves, others, and Life.  Much of the lesson at hand is around seeing where we personally have contributed to the creation of what we see before us in our own lives and in the world.

What marks have we made and left upon others canvas? One of the most important questions is what kind of marks (or footprints) have we left upon the Earth?  We all know the devastating abuse being done to our planet and the creatures of it by the choices we have made. 

The strong influence of Virgo now is asking us to see the distortions in how the effort and energy are being put out. Where the control and manipulation are causing major imbalances and what needs to be done to reinstate a state of wholeness where all beings and the planet can be honored in their own right to be. 

With the powerful Leo energy influencing - the Heart is calling out to be witnessed and heard.  There is a major state of the “Broken Heart” going on in this World.  We are all a part of it.  Not one is spared from it. 

This 40 Day Pilgrimage into The Underworld of oneself is about returning to a state of wholeness in the Heart.  Journeying through the hallways of the Cracked Heart and picking up the pieces, mending the cuts and wounds, and giving love where there is love to give. 

Returning to where the heart is the Guide and the pulsing presence of the heartbeat connects us all - in the minds of all. 

Day by day, one by one, we must each contribute to this replenishing of Love upon the canvases of ourselves and the Earth so we can once again live in harmony with Life and our Planet.

art work by: Imelda Almqivist

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