10th Moon ~ Storyteller ~ Capricorn

December 26th, 2019 NEW MOON ~ Aries


Tell me a story, sweet Mother,

Of the Ancestors and their days,

Of how they walked with beauty,

Learning the Medicine Ways.

As you relate the stories,

I am allowed to see

The importance of every lesson

And how it applies to me.

Through another’s example

I share the laughter and the tears.

Through another’s experience

I learn how love can conquer fear.

Together we can journey

Through those other times,

Reclaiming all the wisdom

Of the legacies left behind.

~Jamie Sams

The Guardian of the Medicine Stories. The Keeper of Heyokah Medicine and Humor. The Teacher Who Teaches Without Pointing a Finger. The Preserver of Speaking from Personal Experience and Truth.

She Teaches Us…

How to teach through telling stories that contain lessons. How to balance the sacredness with irreverence/using humor creatively. How to speak from our experience without judging others or being self~righteous. How to be a student in life as well as the teacher, preserving the wisdom gained.


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