11th Moon ~ Setting Sun Woman ~ Aquarius

January 24th, 2019 NEW MOON ~ Aries

~Setting Sun Woman~

Keeper of tomorrow’s dreams,

Mother of the star~filled night,

Show me how to live my truth

And bring my dreams to light.

Teach me how to use my will,

Living the truth I find within,

Discovering all the parts of me

Where light and shadow blend.

Let me sing the song of future

With concern for what will be,

Upholding all of nature’s laws

For creatures, stones, and trees.

Mother, I see you in the sunset

And I hear you in the rain.

You teach me inner knowing

Through your heart’s sweet refrain.

~Jamie Sams

The Keeper of Tomorrow’s Dreams and Goals. The Guardian of the Needs of the Next Seven Generations. The Mother of the Proper Use of Will/Will to live/Will to survive/Will power. The Keeper of Mother Earth’s Resources and the Guardian of Preservation.

She Teaches Us…

How to preserve and use our resources without wasting anything. How to prepare for tomorrow by planning today/Making and meeting goals. How to show concern, dependability, and compassion through the ways we live. How to properly use our wills, using our intents to provide for future generations.


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