12th Moon ~ Weaves The Web ~ Pisces

February 23rd, 2019 NEW MOON ~ Aries

~Weave The Web~

Gossamer threads of life hold me,

Perched between Earth and Sky,

Weaving the web, dreaming the dream,

Through the two worlds I will fly.

With you as my muse, Mother,

I create the substance of dreams,

Allowing the artist within me

To fashion my life with esteem.

I mold the clay of experiences

Into a sacred Medicine Bowl,

Capturing the essence of living

As it sings deep in my soul.

Your secrets of creation, Mother,

Have taught me when to destroy

The chains that have bound me,

Limiting the expression of my joy.

You have taught me how to labor,

Giving birth to the visions within,

Setting them free like silver arrows,

Kindling the fire of Creation again.

~Jamie Sams

The Mother of Creativity/the Muse/the Artist/the Creatress

The Manifester of Dreams, Who Brings Visions into Reality. The Guardian of Life Force, Who Teaches Women to Give Birth to Their Dreams. The Keeper of Survival Instinct and the Mother of the Creative/Destructive

She Teaches Us…

How to use our desire to create and bring our dreams into tangible forms. How to tap life force, using energy to build, change, or manifest our needs. How to manifest our visions and give them life through our actions and artistic talents. How to create new from old and how to destroy the limitations to creativity. How to ~WORK WITH TRUTH~

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