INTRODUCTION TO – 13 Moons ‘ 13 Clan Mothers ~ A Healing Quest

Enter the Medicine Lodge...

Join the Mother Temple Red Tent Community and deepen your connection with Lunar Rhythms, the Wisdom of the Womb, and Sisterhood.

We are Daughters of Grandmother Moon and she and our Dear Mother Earth, are calling to us to hear their Song and embrace their Wisdom.

Do YOU hear the call?

Now is the time that the Earth Medicine and Lunar Medicine are needed more than ever to be felt and nurtured in our hearts, for the healing of our people, and the healing of our planet.

All we need to do is come with our willingness to do the work by listening to the wisdom voicing through our own wombs and move in harmony with the cycles of Nature.   It is simple and it is profound.

The natural cycles of the Moon are encoded within the very blood of our feminine beings.  The pulse of Nature beats within our own hearts.  We are women and we have come as part of her design, to ebb and flow and change each day through phases of being.  This is Our Nature.

With each cycle she makes, she offers us the opportunity to come into greater alignment.  To come into greater awareness of our own cycles of growth.  With each phase, she brings her gifts, her lessons, her light and her darkness as a reflection of each our own evolutionary path through life.  We too grow, and blossom, and peak in our intensity, and we fade, and cast shadow, and go into darkness to be reborn again in time.

To choose to live life by the Moon Cycles and in union with the Voice of Your Womb is to decide to live a life in devotion to your own personal self-empowerment, to live in awareness of your growth, and to live in honor of your own personal Rites of Passage as you move through time.

To Enter the Healing Quest.

We invite you to journey with us and learn of this Moon Medicine and Womb Wisdom for yourself.


Inside the Medicine Lodge, You will be guided . . .

  • Into the understanding of the Medicine offered through the 4 most potent phases of the Moon: New, Waxing, Full, & Waning Moon.
  • You will receive deep Astrological insights and Energy Forecast for the overall Cosmic Weather of this time and suggestions of how we can best co-create with these energies. 2019 and 2020 promises to be a time of monumental growth and transformation on a global scale as well as in our most personal lives.  This is a time that DEMANDS personal responsibility, integrity and acting from emotional intelligence. 
  • How to establish a powerful and everlasting connection and union with your own Womb Space and the Wisdom she has to offer you.  Living from your own self-love, self-care, and personal power.
  • Align your sexual creative power within the seat of your heart and soul.  Honoring the supreme creative power of the Yoni and the Feminine.
  • How to live in harmony with the natural rhythms of the Seasons and the Moon Phases and to come into personal alignment with this dance.  As above so below, within & without.  We are the Microcosm within the Macrocosm.   Mother Earth wants us to dance in union WITH HER!
  • Trust and Listen to your innate Instinctual Knowing.  Read the signs. Powerful Intuition is a Divine Gift held by all woman.
  • Remember the Ancient and Esoteric Wisdom of the Cosmos living and breathing within you.
  • Honor the Goddess within and out.



This is an experiential process of alignment with the cycles of nature in relationship to your own true self.  

Healing on many levels will occur when you choose to live in co-creative harmony and understanding with the phases of the Moon.  

By consciously integrating and embodying the Divine Feminine essence into every aspect of your being on every path you walk, you are saying Yes to your personal power, Yes to your freedom, Yes to living in your highest creative potential, Yes to peace, love, and honor in all your relations, Yes to your purpose.


What will I get out of this?

The more presence you are willing to give to the teachings the more you will gain from the experience.  Among some of the offerings you will receive are:

  • A monthly New Moon conference call where Jessica will be presenting the Moon Phase Teachings and the current Energy Forecast for that month. Christiane Anna will offer a different 'Womb Wisdom' Module each month in perfect harmony with the current Cosmic Energies.
  • A private group Facebook page where we will be keeping in touch and holding the space throughout the month with support and inspiration.  This is also a place where both Christianne Anna and Jessica will be available to answer any questions you may have about Astrology, the Moon, and the Womb Wisdom.  This is also a place where all sisters can connect and share their own personal stories and experiences.
  • You can expect guided meditations, writing prompts, suggested rituals and practical ways for creating sacred space and honoring the Feminine Temple, deep Astrological insights on all signs, planets, and phases of the Moon, and profound and intimate guidance on Womb Wisdom and the creative power of the Yoni.


Move from Self-Sabotage on repeat to

Being centered in Personal Leadership

Do You Desire . . .

  • A deeper connection with your sacred self and living life as the sacred experience that it is?
  • A greater understanding of the Language of the Stars and to know the power of your own personal communication within it?
  • To live your life confidently by the wisdom of your own inner guidance system?
  • To flow with ease and grace through the light and dark, waxing & waning, phases of your own life?
  • To respond to the pull of the Moon from a place of personal empowerment and a deeply meaningful relationship with her?
  • A shared sacred space where sisters mutually support each other, grow, heal, and join together on a magical Healing Quest of the Feminine?

If you answered Yes to any of these desires then join us . . .

On an inspiring 13 Moon * Healing Quest through the Astrological Mandala and the Wombdala of the Feminine.

The Mother Temple ~ Medicine Lodge

A Red Tent Community

A Healing Quest - in Sisterhood

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Live Monthly Astrological Forecast with Jessica Dawn and

'Womb Wisdom Priestess' ~ Christiane Anna.

(Live Conference Call Meeting with Recordings delivered - post call)

"The Healing aspects of Grandmother Moon and Mother Earth, representing all that is beautiful in woman"  
~ Jamie Sams

Jessica shares her deep astrological insights and cosmic wisdom to offer practical support for all those desiring to come into greater alignment with the Natural Cycles of the Moon and Cosmos.

Christiane Anna shares her profound knowledge of the Wisdom of the Womb to assist all those wishing to tune in deeper and to cultivate a powerful & intimate relationship with your own Womb Space - the seat of the heart & soul.

Together they are creating sacred space for all those who are desiring to understand the depth and beauty of the Natural Cycles moving through each one of us,  and how we can each be a powerful participant in this beautiful co-creation of the Dance of Life.

A Message from Christiane Anna from the Womb Wisdom

As Wombyn, How do we honor and prepare for these strong Earth Elements that are demanding more of us? Where do we channel our energy?

And, how do we dance with this Fire & Air to create more clarity within, and move that energy outside of us into the World that is calling the Divine Feminine Essence to the forefront of change?

Have we forgotten? Have we become disconnected from our True Self? In many ways, the answer is YES!

And...NOW is the time to Re-member, Re-awaken our Truth!

The deepest, most ancient secrets of life lie within the Womb of every woman!

The womb is the holiest temple in your body, the place from where your inner voice, deepest guidance and clarity, stillness, and creative expression and power rise up.

Our Ancient Indigenous Great Grandmothers have known and understood the wisdom and way of the Womb, and how to use it to create and love in profound ways.  

Some of these great Wombyn have been Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, the Priestesses of Isis, the Daoist and African sisterhoods, and the Druid Shamanesses of Ireland and England.

The world has experienced an imbalance by our forgetting about the empowerment of the Womb and its true purpose. In this forgetting, the masculine energy has also forgotten how to relate fully to the feminine by this separation within us.

The effects on the World are many, and we are feeling the impact. This increase of ego through intellectualization, allied with a lack of understanding the Feminine Womb power, means that too many of us are finding our center of gravity in our heads, rather than in our Womb-Hearts!

All of Life will benefit when the Wombyn comes to love their bodies and live from the TRUTH that our Womb holds!

It is the Womb that is the generator and keeper of all Life.

Our bellies are the center of gravity. When we shift our attention to this Sacred Space, using Grandmother Moon to guide our way through her Cycles and Rhythms, we gain our Ground and Stability. Our Center! And this too allows the Heart to Flower.

ALL Life benefits from this shift from the head to the Womb-Heart.

The way has been paved for us, our Ancestors are asking us to remember again.

Look to the Moon, the Stars, and our most Holy Temple the Womb!

If you find yourself here with us, on this is no coincidence!

You have heard the call to RISE UP.

The Earth Mother’s Desire:

“Women to take their roles as the Guardians of Beauty, Harmony, Equality, and Peace.

This is our Legacy on Mother Planet” - Jamie Sams


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