13th Moon ~ Gives Praise ~ Leo

Gives Praise

Thank you, Mother, for teaching me

To lift my heart in praise

Filling my spirit with gladness

For the blessings of the Beauty Way.

You have taught me how to sing,

How to rejoice, dance, and drum,

And how to show my gratitude

For the abundance that will come.

You have shown me the magic of

A change in the mind and heart,

An attitude made of the wisdom

That celebration of life imparts.

I sing the truth of thankfulness

When I greet Grandfather Sun,

Then send my love to Mother Earth

For the life force that makes us one.

By ~ Jamie Sams

The Mother of All Acts of Thanksgiving and Keeper of Abundance

The Guardian of Ceremony and Ritual / the Keeper of Magic * The Mother of Encouragement and the Guardian of Celebration * The Wisdom Keeper of the Art of Giving and Receiving

SHE TEACHES US... How to return thanks for the abundance we need before it arrives, making space to receive it * How to celebrate every victory in life with joy - ours as well as the accomplishments of others * How to use right attitudes to create magical changes in the Self * How to create abundance through praise, giving, and receiving


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