1st Moon ~ Walks Tall Woman ~ Aries

April 4th, 2019 NEW MOON ~ Aries

~ Walks Tall Woman ~

You Walk in beauty, Mother, 

Allowing all to see

The glory of Great Mystery

That sets your spirit free.

Guided by the bliss inside you, 

Walking it through your deeds, 

Never needing another's approval,

Your heart's truth takes the lead. 

With focus and directness

You teach me how to walk, 

Balancing through and action

Instead of misusing talk. 

I stand straight in your presence, 

I hold my head up high, 

With my feet rooted in Mother Earth,

My arms embracing Father Sky. 

By ~ Jamie Sams

"The Guardian of Leadership and the Keeper of New Paths

The Mother of Beauty and Grace and the

Keeper of Innovation and Persistence

The Role Model of Health, Physical Fitness, Stamina,

and Letting the Heart's Desire Take the Lead

The Keeper of Personal Impeccability and the

Guardian of All Forms of Inner Strength


How to be our personal best and still be vulnerable and human

How to keep our bodies and minds flexible and in good health through advancing and retreating

How to seek and find new paths to growing and learning, leading through example

How to develop inner strength / How to attract and release


The Aries Moon Sister

The Aries Woman has Courage to Lead.  She is the Warrioress and the Pioneer.  She takes charge and moves from the power of her own determination to succeed and accomplish what she has set out to do.  She seeks no approval from others but takes into consideration the needs of others.   She is a Lover and is not afraid to fight for what she holds dear in her heart.  She wears the badge of loyalty and has earned the shield of honor through her victorious pursuits.

"I HAVE COURAGE to Lead with Grace."

1st Moon ~ Womb Wisdom - Module 1

with Christiane Anna

~ Rekindling the Womb Fire ~

We Wombyn are the Creatress of the planet. From the Womb-Heart we create and can shift our energy within and bring it outside of us ~ Birthing Worlds into existence. 

If our Womb is not nourished, or if we do not understand how to nourish her, our light grows dim. Energy becomes blocked, we become out of alignment with our own center and our truth. Imbalance creates more disconnection and effects our potential to birth ourselves into the creativity state.  

Our Shakti - Vital Life Force - becomes stagnant and our inhibition prevents us from being: ‘Walks Tall Women.’

During our Live Call, you will be personally accessing your own deeper innate power to:

  • Unblock your stagnant energy around your Womb by deepening your awareness around creating right relationships that fully support you. This is fundamental to the Womb Wisdom and is called:

Honoring the Sacred Temple

  • Let go of fears around powerlessness, anger, resentment, and negativity through charging the energy of the Womb with breath-work. And, cutting energetic cords associated with people, things, and objects that do not serve you to walk tall in your center.

1st Moon ~ Moon Medicine & Astrological Influences

  • Each Month we will be diving deep into the energies of the New and Full Moons and the various Astrological Cycles that are most significant during this time.  Jessica Dawn will be guiding us to gain a deeper understanding of the Celestial and Moon energies and how we can come into greater alignment with these natural forces of Nature and harness them for the greater good within our own lives and the collective.  

 Please Join Us!

 Live Call:  Thursday, April 4th, 2019 


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