2nd Moon ~ Listening Woman ~ Taurus

May 18th, 2019 NEW MOON


"Echoes of the Ancestors

Ride the Winds of Change,

Voices of the Creatures

Calling out my name.

Singing spirits on the breeze,

The crashing of waves to shore,

The pounding of Earth Mother's heart

Teach me what to listen for.

In stillness, before dusk and dawn,

Hidden messages are set free.

Like the chants of my people,

Their rhythms speak to me.

My ears can hear this music,

And my heart can understand.

Clan Mother of Tuyoweh,

I am yours to command.

I listen for your whispers

On a course, you will chart,

Searching for the still voice

That lives within my heart."

By ~ Jamie Sams

The Mother of Tiyoweh, the Stillness, and Inner Knowing

The keeper of Discernment and Guardian of Introspection * The Interpreter of Messages

from the Spirit World * The Counselor and Advisor / the Keeper of Hearing


How to enter the Stillness and hear our heart's small, still voice within * How to find and

understand the Inner Knowing we carry in our Spiritual Essences * How to listen to the

viewpoints and opinions of others and the voices of the Ancestors * How to understand

body language and unspoken thoughts / hearing with the heart


The Taurus Moon Sister

She is the Lover, the Sensualist, and the Artist - She speaks clearly from her grounded core -"I AM in touch with my Senses." She liberates herself from the burden basket of others and dwells peacefully in the silence of her own company.  She designs a world based on the strength, the truth, and the beauty of her own personal values.  She protects what belongs to her, with her heart.  She dances out her sorrows, barefoot.  And, dances in her Joy with palms up to the Starry Night.

2nd Moon ~ Womb Wisdom - Module 2

with Christiane Anna

~ The Art of Listening to our Moon Cycles- Menstruation ~

In this month's module, we will learn of ‘Listening Woman’ and how to dive deeply into listening to our own Moon Cycles and what they are truly communicating to us. How to live in grace around your blood moon and how to honor her.

Once a month you get to see and meet your shadow directly...through your blood moon. The shadow awakens. It is a time to go within and listen. She has an empowering voice at your core center, a message she wants to share with you.

At the end of this Live Call, you will be able to:

  • Understand more intimately that you have your own rhythms and cycles unique to your body based on the Moon.
  • Learn to put your shadow at the helm of your vessel, so you are not controlled by your Moon Cycles, but rather acknowledge and accept the voice that is here to guide you to greater empowerment.
  • If you no longer have your blood moon or have had a hysterectomy, you will learn that your feminine body still runs with the cycles of the Moon.
  • Self-empowerment and Self-responsibility go hand and hand. You will learn to accept and be ‘Listening Woman’ and no longer ignore, deny, or avoid what arises during your Moon Cycle, so you can access your True Self.

2nd Moon ~ Moon Medicine & Astrological Influences

  • Each Month we will be diving deep into the energies of the New and Full Moons and the various Astrological Cycles that are most significant during this time.  Jessica will be guiding us to gain a deeper understanding of the Celestial and Moon energies and how we can come into greater alignment with these natural forces of Nature and harness them for the greater good within our own lives and the collective.  



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