5th Moon ~ Loves All Things ~ Leo

July 23, 2017, New Moon ~ Leo

Loves All Things

"Mother, show me how to love

Beyond my human fear,

Teach me all the joys of life

Behind the veil of tears.

Let me find the pleasure of

A lover's gentle hands,

Let me know the wisdom of

Respect without demands.

Oh, Keeper of Forgiveness,

Teach me how to see

Beyond the petty judgments,

Supporting human dignity.

I will learn your Medicine

Of Mother, lover, friend,

Teaching others how to love

And broken hearts to mend."

By: Jamie Sams

The Mother of Unconditional Love and All Acts of Pleasure

The Keeper of Sexual Wisdom and Self-respect * The Sensual Lover / the Mother-Guardian /

the Warmth of the Feminine * The Guardian of the Needs of the Family


How to use respect, trust, and intimacy in all relationships * How to love all aspects of our lives, lessons, sexuality, and physical beings, * How to be a loving woman, nurturing mother, sensual lover, and trusted friend * How to forgive ourselves and others, developing acceptance and shunning criticalness


The Leo Moon Sister

The Leo Woman has Courage to Express.  She is Playful and she is a Queen.    She is a Lover.  She is deeply in touch with her Passion to be Alive.  She Inspires.  She cultivates Life Force Energy and Thrives.  Her Heart is her Center and Joy is her Spirit.  She is a vessel for the flow of Divine Inspiration and Creative Expression and she feels it. 

"I AM Deserving and Divine."

2nd Moon ~ Womb Wisdom - Module 2

with Christiane Anna


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