6th Moon ~ Wisdom Keeper ~ Virgo

August 21, 2017, New Moon

Wisdom Keeper

"Oh Keeper of ancient knowing,

Whisper your wisdom to me,

That I may always remember

Life's sacred mystery.

The stories of the Grandmothers,

Brave deeds, great and small,

The progress fo the Faithful,

Who answer our Mother's call.

The cycles and the seasons

That mark our every change,

The rebirth of our visions,

The spirit we have reclaimed.

Here truth is the victor

Of the war that dwells within,

Bringing every human heart

To celebration in the end.

By: Jamie Sams

The Protectress of Sacred Traditions

The Keeper of the Stone Libraries and Earth History * The Guardian of "the Remembering" and the Art of Memory * The Mother of Friendship, Planetary Unity, and Mutual Understanding


The Arts of Self-development and Expansion

How to access Planetary Memory, personal recall, and ancient wisdom and knowledge

How to understand the wisdom that every life form holds and its missions * How to be a friend and to restore friendship by honoring the viewpoints of all life forms


The Virgo Moon Sister

The Virgo Woman speaks the Voice of a Humble Heart.  She hears the call of the Earth Mother and allows the Wisdom of her Body to guide her brilliant mind.  She is sensitive and enlivened by her Senses.  She is the Primordial Witchy Woman.  She invokes, decrees, consecrates, she cast spells, and makes sacred.   She imbues her majick into everything and is known as the Medicine Woman.  

She is kind-hearted, soft-natured, and She is pure of heart. 

"I AM in Service for the Good of All."

3rd Moon ~ Womb Wisdom - Module 3

with Christiane Anna


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