7th Moon ~ Weighs the Truth ~ Libra

August 30th, 2019, New Moon

September 28th, 2019, New Moon

~Weighs The Truth~

The Protectress of the meek

Weighs the truth for all to see,

Divine Law, seeking balance,

Setting the spirit free.

And here, amid the chaos

Of earthly trial she stands,

Ready to issue justice,

Compassion in her hands.

She answers when deception

Shows the destructive face

Of human greed and hatred,

Dividing every creed and race.

Keeper of Great Mystery’s laws,

Whose guiding ways we seek,

May we accept the oneness of

The truth we hear you speak.

~Jamie Sams


The Keeper of Equality and the Guardian of Justice

The Fair Judge of Divine Law and the Destroyer of Deception

The Mother of Truth and Protectress of the Underdog

The Mother of Self-Determination and Responsibility

She Teaches Us…

How to find the ability to respond and how to be self-determined. How to feed the positive, not the negative, by using Divine Law. How to use equality with justice, being accountable for our actions and words. How to use personal integrity, ethics, and values to find healing solutions


The Libra Moon Sister

The Libra Woman is skilled in the Arts of Wizardry.  She is magical & sensual.  She is the Queen of Costume.  Each piece in her wardrobe carefully selected for the specific magic it holds.  She has purpose & focus.  She understands the Power of the Physical.   She walks in Beauty.  She uses the power of her mind in tune with her body.  She dances with the Extremes of Life and finds the balance point in the polarities.  She has Peace in her Heart. 

"I Harmonize with Grace."

7th Moon ~ Womb Wisdom - Module 7

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