8th Moon ~ Looks Far Woman ~ Scorpio

October 28th, 2019, New Moon

~Looks Far Woman~

Mother, teach me how to see

The shining lights of stars,

The faces of the Ancestors,

In worlds both near and far.

Show me how to welcome

The visions appearing to me,

Seeing the truth in detail,

Unraveling each mystery.

Walk me through the Dreamtime

Of altered time and space,

That I may share those visions

With every creed and race.

Doorkeeper of all dimensions,

I seek your Medicine ways

Of how to earth my visions,

Seeing truth, inside me, today.

~Jamie Sams

The Seer/Oracle/Dreamer/Prophet

Keeper of the Golden Door and the Crack in the Universe. The Mother of Visions, Dreams, and Psychic Impressions. The Guardian of the Dreamtime and the Keeper of Inner Potential.

She Teaches Us…

How to understand our visions, dreams, feelings, and impressions. How to enter the Dreamtime, go into other realms, and through the Crack in the Universe. How to properly to use our psychic abilities and gifts of prophecy for humanity. How to use spiritual boundaries, psychic self~defense, and respect those boundaries in others. How to use our inner potential to become healed healers. How to ~SEE THE TRUTH~


8th Moon ~ Womb Wisdom - Module 8

with Christiane Anna

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