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Christiane Anna

Both Christiane Anna and Jessica Dawn have come to this 13 Moon Healing Quest deeply inspired by and in celebration of the beautiful pure heart offerings of Author Jamie Sams.

Many people are most familiar with her work as the author of the Medicine Cards Animal Deck and the Sacred Path Cards.  She shares her powerful wisdom and insight into living life in Grace and Harmony with the Divine, and how to be in relationship with ALL THINGS as Sacred.

Jessica Dawn

It only felt natural to honor Jamie Sams work of "The Original Clan Mothers", as it spoke so clearly and resonated so deeply with their own inspired vision.

Both Jessica and Christiane have a heartfelt desire to offer guidance, support, and hold sacred space for all those desiring to deepen their own soul connection with the Heart and Soul of our Mother Earth, and with the Divine Pulse alive in all things.   To return to living the Way of Sacred Relationship to All That is.



It is our suggestion that if you feel called to go further with the work of Jamie Sams that you read her book - "The 13 Original Clan Mothers"


How This Website Works


Throughout the Main Home Page of this website, you will find for your reference easy to access pages devoted to each one of the 13 Moons throughout 2019 and into 2020,  and the poetic description of one of the 13 Clan Mothers which perfectly represents the archetypal energy for that Zodiac Sign. 

  • We have chosen to begin each Moon page introduction with a poem written by Jamie Sams, in which she has channeled such deep heart and soul that it is a powerful medicine to just simply read the messages embody therein.  Also, included from her work is a brief and concise description of the energetic qualities of each of the Clan Mothers. 
  • Following on you will find the energetic qualities for the specific Astro-logics for the Moon of the month - interpreted by Jessica.  Included on each page will be the Astrology Mandala where you can view a visual of the positions for each of the Planets during that particular Moon Cycle. 
  • Also included on each page is a brief summary of the particular Womb Wisdom Module that Christiane Anna will be focusing on for that Moon Phase.  

These pages are intended to be summaries for what will be the focus for each of the Live New Moon Ceremony Calls each month.  

You will find in both the Astrological Insights as well as the Womb Wisdom offered that there is a deeply soulful catalytic component coming forth from within the intent and focus of this process.  

Like the caterpillar to the butterfly ~ We birth ourselves. 

To come into alignment with the soul womb of your own self as well as with the heart and soul of the Rhythms of Nature is to walk the path in harmony, grace, and faith in the divine creation we are a part of.  

To live the Way of Sacred Relationship to all things. 


With Love and Honor,

Jessica Dawn @ http://templesofthemoon.com/

& Christiane Anna @ https://www.facebook.com/christiane.rodriguez.92


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