What we do occasionally helps to build the character of who we are, what we do daily makes us who we are.

Following is a simple suggestive list of  Rituals for Daily Well-being

  • Clear Space ~ the simple task of cleaning; dusting and vacuuming is one of the best ways to begin to clear space not only in the physical but in the mind and spirit.  Cleaning, clearing and letting go of “stuff” can also help to move emotions and allow us to release “stuck” energy within. Get moving!
  • Creating Sacred Space ~ making ones home and body as a temple of Harmony, Purity of Intention, and Peace.  Not always an easy task but certainly a worthy aim. Bringing more heart and soul into space allows miracles to happen!  Setting intentions with words of decree and declaration, objects of power; elements, animals, crystals, feathers, etc. Build Alters of sacred items to hold your intentions and sanctify your space with you heart and soul. 
  • Smudging with Sage or other types of incense or herbs helps to clean and clear the air and purify unwanted energies and impurities from the space as well as oneself.  Sage as well as woods like Sandalwood and Palo Santo also help to raise the vibration in a space and hold a high frequency that supports health and wellbeing.
  • Anointing and ingesting essences, herbs and oils is so healing and divine…the effects and feelings of using them speak for themselves.
  • Connection with Nature ~ being in nature literally is the greatest way to connect immediately with a pure, powerful, and sacred essence of Spirit.  If connecting with Nature is not literally possible in the physical imagining yourself communing with Nature like a Tree or Animal can be just as powerful. Do not underestimate the power of imagination to create reality and have a pure and palpable experience of the essence of something.  “Journeying” into the Spirit of something or someone is an archaic shamanic practice which can allow deep communion and healing to happen.
  • Transmutation & Transfiguration~ is about shifting or imbuing the quality of something into something else.  Like transmuting the toxins in water or food into the Light of the Divine or the source of Love. There are countless documented and recorded instances of the success of using the intent of our mind and focus to alter the substance of things.  We are powerful creators with the ability to alchemize and transmute energies at will.
  • Eat good Food!  Dance! Sing! Move the Body! Receive Healings!
  • Ho’o pono pono ~ is the practice of taking full responsibility for everything that is occurring within ones life and the World we are living in.  By using the power of the word: Thank you. Im sorry. Please forgive me. I love you.  It suggest that if something is happening to look within oneself for the reason and the resolution.  The practice uses the power of the Word and Intent to create a harmonic shift in the energy within ones mind, body, and heart.  Essentially creating a space and foundation of wellbeing and harmony to proceed on from.  By taking responsibility, being humble, being grateful, forgiving, and loving ~ healing can happen.  click here for an interview of Dr. Hew Len on Ho’o pono pono



What is decree and how does it work?

When we set our intention strongly upon something we magnify it’s power and importance.

Decree is a practice of declaring that which we want to create, whether personally or collectively. An example of decree is “I am truly grateful for the health and strength within my body” as opposed to the prayer of “Please grant me health and strength within my body.”  

Decree involves making an affirmative statement of that which already is.  It is not about “lying” to oneself.  It is about acknowledging and accepting the infinite possibilities and potentials that already exist within you, contrary to what may be manifesting.  

This is a powerful tool for creating that which we truly feel we need.  Writing and speaking out-loud our intentions holds great power to amplify and magnetize or draw towards us. 

What we focus on grows. 

  • If we continuously focus on what we do not want ie. lack, lifelessness, depression, fatigue, anger, loneliness, it will be very difficult to ever be anywhere else.
  • The process of decree is deeply empowering for us as we draw upon our inner ability and strength to create.  This counteracts a feeling of powerless to forces outside of ourselves, and empowers our nature as creators.

When a whole community gathers with this attitude of empowerment and self-responsibility the results are dramatic and transformational.

Strong and clear intention is the essential key to Decreeing

  • When we set our intention with focus, determination, patience, and trust we are sealing in the essential ingredients needed to seeing the results and positive outcome of our efforts.  

If our focus wavers and a few days after placing our wish into the well we have forgotten all about it, the wish loses momentum. However, if we continue to remind ourselves of our wish and we hold a space of trust and surety that the energetic stream continues to move in the right direction, the results will be more effective.

It takes great commitment and devotion to hold intention with focus, especially in the midst of our busy lives. 

Even when preoccupied with life always keep your wish in the back of your mind and close at heart. 

Metaphorically we can imagine our wish as being like a great beam of light that is travelling a great distance, and even though light travels fast if we drop our trust or focus upon our wish the light can change direction and therefore deviate from it’s destination.  

Keep your focus on Track!

In our world many have been conditioned to believe that we are less than, not worthy, and undeserving.  In this case it is natural for our mind to propose questions like, “why do I deserve to be granted my wish or have this in my life.”  

This may be worth contemplating to gain clarity on were you stand with your own worthiness, however to keep the momentum going we suggest practising the powerful Ho’o pono’pono prayer, to clean upon defeating thoughts so that our focus remains clear upon our intention.

May we all know that we are all worthy of our dearest dreams coming true and that we are each the source of our own abundance. 

The Magic of Ritual

What is Ritual?

Ritual is an archaic sacred practice that brings us into our bodies and souls. It is the act of using the heart, mind, body, and in some cases voice, in harmony together to express a sacred intention one wishes to align with. 

What makes ritual so powerful and personal to an individual is the focus and strength of our intention originating from the heart and given like an offering out in connection to Spirit and in union with the Spirit within us. 

Creating sacred space is the first step for starting to prepare for ritual.  This is itself the beginning of the ritual.  Some suggestions for this are lighting incense or burning herbs like sage or frankincense and using essential oils.  These are powerful ways to immediately clear and raise the vibrational energy of a space, as well as awaken the senses and heighten ones sense of awareness or presence in the space.

Lighting a candle or just by lighting the sage helps us to become aware of the power of Fire; the creative essence of Spirit. Another suggestion is to use sound, music or “words of power” and intention – “decrees” to create the sacred space. For example calling in the four directions to be present and to assist in holding the power of the ritual.

Within the ritual space one may become aware of the mind being active or busy and it is important not to be hard on oneself as this is the human condition and it is what the mind naturally does.

As we create the intention for the ritual we focus on emitting the passion, gratitude, and focus from our heart. This is where the strongest electromagnetic pulse resides within our bodies so it’s ok if the mind is busy, while just filling your heart with love and gratitude.

Using our hands to touch and work with our ritual space can bring focus into the body and heart; the true seat of creation. Shaking a rattle or beating a drum for example.  

You may choose to dance, sing, or shake your body to cultivate some strong sensations to move through you or conversely choose to just sit perhaps upon a special cloth or blanket placed down and begin to connect with stillness. 

Usually within ritual we work with a particular element like ~ water, air, earth or fire. Bring awareness and gratitude to the element you are working with and feel and imagine what the element represents to you. For example working with water you may feel the gratitude for all the water within your body hydrating you, you may feel the symbolism of the water gifting you with ever present flow of emotions. You may then expand your awareness to the oceans and all the life that are cared for and nurture by them.

Ritual is a very personal exercise of intent.  There are countless ways to create and participate in ritual.  Most importantly is the awareness around the creative power we hold within and our ability to harness it in union with the forces of Nature and the Spirit of Life…

Joy is Medicine

Happiness is Medicine and “worry” (as a habit) is…well frankly quite toxic.

All we need to simply do is tune in to the feelings of Happiness or likewise to the feelings of Worry to know which one feels good (or  in other words – positively supportive) and which one does not.

Emotions are contagious and have a permeating effect on everything as emotions are – in fact energy in motion. We can meet people (and our selves) from a place of our higher-self ~ our Soul, in Love and Compassion, and thereby hold a space to be met by others from this place, or consequentially when we come from our “shadow side”or “ego-self” we come with an energy of resistance which eventually blocks and dams up the flow of Chi’- or Life Force Energy within.  Stuck Chi or stagnancy of energy is what eventually causes dis-ease and dis-comfort in our lives, bodies, hearts and minds.

There are many conditions, qualities, and elements of Life these days that can serve to be strengthening or at times compromising to our immune systems.  Like the heavy exposure to electromagnetic fields, genetically modified foods and false media bombardment to name a few of the heavy hitters, and on the other end to support our well-being we can find endless options available through the accessibility of internet of self-care tools and healthy ways of living.

It is really up to us more than ever to be on top of our own focus on self-care and take the time to be dedicated to self-awareness in each moment in regards to what type of “ingredients” we ourselves are offering up to the cauldron of Life… and of course it all begins from within starting with what we are containing and cultivating within our own temples.

Whether we perpetually drink from the cup of the elixir of peace and love or the poison of stress is essentially our own choice.  As we know there are endless options in each moment.  Life is no small feat… In each moment we are asked to take this responsibility of our lives with great care or else chaos inevitably will threaten to take over.   We all have the ability to choose to exercise and to honor our inherent capacities within to transcend, in many cases against great odds, the many challenges of life through our choice of focus.

In the end affirmatively Life continues to guides us forward and all experiences eventually transmute into their own type of Medicine for the Soul guiding us and healing us into our own wholeness.  It is we who chooses, or not, how we will integrate all of the substances of life that come through us and eventually how to transmute the imbalances back into a state of harmony.

with love