Live New Moon Ceremony ~ Conference Call


As we are working together to initiate harmony with the cycles of Nature, we are deepening and supporting our own well-being and natural rhythms, as well as harnessing in on the infinite supportive and creative powers of the Universe, always available to us.  

What we will do:

  • To begin we will lead us into a deeply grounded space, preparing us to be open and receptive to receive the information being shared.  
  • Emphasis is on gaining a greater understanding of the natural rhythms and cycles of Nature as reflected by the movement of the Moon and Planets.  Jessica will share each Moon’s Message, as well as what the current Astrological Weather is for each month.  She offers practical rituals and practices to work with to focus your intent to deepen your own experience with the energies and embody the Cosmic Wisdom yourself. 
  • We will remain committed to each Wombyn’s  journey as we dive deeper into our authentic divine Feminine Essence.  Spiritual Coach and Womb Healer, ChristianeAnna will guide us into the potency of our most Holy Grail, through the portal of the Wombs Wisdom ~ our bellies!  This is where all existence is birthed from. You will learn to trust your own voice!
  • Through guided meditations, you will feel the ripeness of Life, the fullness of Truth, and BE in Celebratory Service to your own authentic Self and to the Tribe of sisters joining you on this journey!
  • We will support you to live a Creative, Loving, and Sensual existence as we guide you to enter the Spiral of the Wombdala with the guidance of Grandmother Moon!


Here are some suggestions to consider in preparation when participating in the call and to support the overall web of the community.

  • We will meet during the New Moon time each month.  This is an opportune time to set intentions to be carried forth on the momentum of the fresh growth the New Moon initiates. 
  • Have a symbol of power that you can dedicate to this Healing Quest as a physical object that you can place on your altar or carry with you, that holds the power of your soul intention and the power of the Clan Mothers and the Grandmother Moon energies.  This will serve as a reminder and like an anchor of your commitment to your Healing Quest.  Like a crystal, or feather, or statue, or anything at all that holds meaning to you.
  • Have a bowl for pouring water into and a cup of water to fill the bowl, to be ready for our opening Water Ceremony. This bowl is a symbol of the Divine Well of the Mother Womb and the water is the sacred amniotic fluid, which protects and nourishes the seeds of all our creations.   You can later save the water in a special container or pour the water onto the earth and put your power symbol on your altar.
  • Come open to use your imagination to envision your highest desires coming to fruition in their own perfect time.  Likewise, imagine all participants casting their intentions and dreams into the “wishing well” of the New Moon portal, and their desires being nourished and supported, as everyone comes into greater alignment with their own inner well-being. 
  • For the ceremony call, you can begin by creating sacred space by turning off all devices, lighting a candle, burning some herbs or incense, or whatever is within your capacity to get grounded and honor this time as your sacred space.
  • As we gather together as a group we are creating a group heart and a ‘Web of Light’.  In this space, miracles do and will happen!
  • You are made up of a purity of light and the same substances that the Stars are made of!  We can all shine like stars if only we allow ourselves and others to do just that!  We are guided and supported by the Divine Wisdom and Sacred Medicine of the Earth, Moon, and Clan Mothers.  It is our intent and purpose to hold the space for all of us to receive it.  


  • The webinar will be about 1 hour – 1.5 hours long and will begin with a complete report of the current Astrological Forecast and Lunar Cycle.  Followed by the teachings of the Womb Wisdom Module.
  • If you cannot make the Live Webinar a recording will be available soon after the call.
  • After your purchase order is complete you will receive an emailed response with the information on how to attend the live conference call.
  •  Next Webinar is on Thursday, March 23rd at: 10:00am Hawaii, 12:00pm PST, 3:00pm EST, 8:pm UK, Australia – UTC/GMT +20 hours from Hawaii time
  • Recordings are available for those who cannot be on the live call.

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