Daily Rituals

What we do occasionally helps to build the character of who we are,

what we do daily makes us who we are.

  • Clear Space ~ the simple task of cleaning; dusting and vacuuming is one of the best ways to begin to clear space not only in the physical but in the mind and spirit.  Cleaning, clearing and letting go of “stuff” can also help to move emotions and allow us to release “stuck” energy within. Get moving!
  • Creating Sacred Space ~ making ones home and body as a temple of Harmony, Purity of Intention, and Peace.  Not always an easy task but certainly a worthy aim. Bringing more heart and soul into space allows miracles to happen!  Setting intentions with words of decree and declaration, objects of power; elements, animals, crystals, feathers, etc. Build Alters of sacred items to hold your intentions and sanctify your space with you heart and soul. 
  • Smudging with Sage or other types of incense or herbs helps to clean and clear the air and purify unwanted energies and impurities from the space as well as oneself.  Sage as well as woods like Sandalwood and Palo Santo also help to raise the vibration in a space and hold a high frequency that supports health and wellbeing.
  • Anointing and ingesting essences, herbs and oils is so healing and divine…the effects and feelings of using them speaks for themselves.
  • Connection with Nature ~ being in nature literally is the greatest way to connect immediately with a pure, powerful, and sacred essence of Spirit.  If connecting with Nature is not literally possible in the physical imagining yourself communing with Nature like a Tree or Animal can be just as powerful. Do not underestimate the power of imagination to create reality and have a pure and palpable experience of the essence of something.  “Journeying” into the Spirit of something or someone is an archaic shamanic practice which can allow deep communion and healing to happen.
  • Transmutation ~ is about shifting or imbuing the quality of something into something else.  Like transmuting the toxins in water or food into the Light of the Divine or the source of Love. There are countless documented and recorded instances of the success of using the intent of our mind and focus to alter the substance of things.  We are powerful creators with the ability to alchemize and transmute energies at will.
  • Eat good Food!  Dance! Sing! Move the Body! Receive Healings!
  • Ho’o pono pono ~ is the practice of taking full responsibility for everything that is occurring within ones life and the World we are living in.  By using the power of the word: Thank you. Im sorry. Please forgive me. I love you.  It suggest that if something is happening to look within oneself for the reason and the resolution.  The practice uses the power of the Word and Intent to create a harmonic shift in the energy within ones mind, body, and heart.  Essentially creating a space and foundation of wellbeing and harmony to proceed on from.  By taking responsibility, being humble, being grateful, forgiving, and loving ~ healing can happen.  click here for an interview of Dr. Hew Len on Ho’o pono pono


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