Venus Retrograde Cycle

The Retrograde cycle is the time when Venus as seen in the night sky as the Evening Star disappears for usually about 40 days and nights to then reappears as the majestic “Morning Star.”

During this time it is a phase when Venus as the archetypal symbol of Partnership, Relationships, Love and Pleasure, as well as the creative inspiring aspect of the “Muse” – goes “underground”.  She descends into the hidden recesses of our own psyche, heart, and soul to reemerge on the other side with reclaimed treasures from her pilgrimage in.

Following is the course she is on:

  • June 21st Venus enters the “Shadow Zone” at 14 degrees Leo – this is the point she will be moving back to, stop at and end her retrograde, and then move from there forward again.
  • July 26th 2015 ~ September 5th – the retrograde cycle.  From 0 degrees Virgo – 14 degrees Leo
  • July 31st Full Moon in Aquarius opposite 4 Planets in Leo – Venus R., Jupiter, Mercury, Sun
  • Week 1 & 2 of August Venus in Leo squares Saturn in Scorpio
  • Week 1 of August Venus joins Jupiter
  • August 5th & 6th Venus joins Mercury & Jupiter in Leo
  • August 11th Jupiter moves out of Leo into Virgo 🙂
  • August 14th, 15th, 16th Venus joins the Sun in Leo
  • August 14th New Moon in Leo with Venus, Sun & Mars
  • August 24th – September 7th Venus joins Mars in Leo
  • August 29th powerful Full Moon in Pisces
  • August 31st exact conjunction of Venus & Mars
  • September 6th Venus direct at 14 degrees Leo
  • October 9th Venus moves out of the “Shadow Zone” passing 0 degrees Virgo (the degree she first began her retrograde)

During Venus’s Retrograde Cycle Black Moon Lilith will be powerfully positioned with the Moon’s North Node from July – October.  This is a very strong influence of the “Rebel Goddess” directing the stage of where we are going – (the N. Node is the collective destiny).  

From July 2015 – February 2016 Persephone ~ The Tantric Queen Alchemist of The Underworld is partnered up with Uranus – the Lord of Enlightenment and Awakenings.  


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